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CyberUS Systems is a cybersecurity company that provides comprehensive security solutions (Enhanced Support Services) for organizations across industries, with a strong presence in Maryland. Our mission is to help organizations protect their critical assets from cyber threats by providing the latest technology, cutting-edge tools, and expert knowledge. We have a significant presence in cities such as Baltimore, Annapolis, Bethesda, Silver Spring, and Ocean City within the state of Maryland. Contact Us.

Elevate Your Productivity with Cyberus Systems’ Enhanced Support Services

In digital business, support and backup are not just add-ons but essential services ensuring seamless operations and peace of mind. Cyberus Systems’ Zero Trust Security as a Service (ZTSaaS) extends beyond the traditional security perimeter, offering specialized support services for your essential productivity tools.

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Additional Support Services

  • Comprehensive Google Workspace Support & License Management: Unlock the full potential of your Google Workspace with our expert support. We manage your licenses, ensuring that your team has the necessary tools without any hassle or interruption.
  • Microsoft 365 Support & License Management: Keep your Microsoft 365 suite running like a well-oiled machine with our dedicated support. From troubleshooting to license management, we ensure a smooth experience that lets your team focus on what they do best.
  • Robust Office 365 & Google Workspace Backup: Data loss is not an option. With our robust backup solutions, your critical data in Office 365 and Google Workspace is protected, archived, and easily recoverable, ensuring business continuity no matter what.

Why Choose Cyberus Systems?

  • Zero Trust Integration: Our additional support services are built on the Zero Trust model, ensuring secure management and backup of your data at all times.
  • Expert Assistance: Our team of experts is on standby to address any issues promptly, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency.
  • Proactive Management: We anticipate issues and don’t just respond to issues. Our proactive license management prevents disruptions before they happen.
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Our Pledge

  • Seamless Collaboration: We ensure that collaboration tools like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 are always available so your team can collaborate without skipping a beat.
  • Data Sovereignty: Your data remains yours, always. Our backup services ensure that you have sovereign control over your data and can recover and restore whenever needed.

Step into a world where your productivity tools are fully managed and your data is backed up with the rigor of Zero Trust security. Choose Cyberus Systems and transform how you work, support, and secure your business’s digital environment.
“Cyberus Systems – where support meets security.”